GSE Construction

Safety Program

GSE has developed this safety incentive program to increase awareness and instill a culture in which all employees feel a responsibility towards providing an accident/injury free work place. This program shall provide the tools needed to fulfill GSEs goal of zero workplace accident/injuries for 2009.

Safety incentive program:

All employees who work 100hrs or more during any given month without a safety violation injury, near miss or accident shall receive one scratcher ticket at the end of the month. That ticket will be signed on the back by the site supervisor and given to the employee listed on the back. The employee will scratch one box on the Right side of the ticket. That box will have a number which will assign points for that one ticket. If more than one box is scratched the ticket will only be good for the lowest listed point total. Once an employee reaches 200 points either by multiple tickets or an instant winner, tickets can be redeemed for a gift out of the GSE safety incentive earners catalog.

At the discretion of GSE management inclusive of the site supervisors extra tickets may be given out to employees who excel in the area of safety by recognizing and reporting safety issues that warrant recognition.

Safety inspections task may be assigned to some individual employees at the worksites. Those individuals shall complete their assigned task and turn in paperwork to site supervisor. Any site safety concerns noted during their performed inspections task shall be mitigated immediately during or immediately following the inspection by site supervisors.

Employees who participate and complete an assigned inspection task shall be recognized with an extra ticket at the end of the assignment. Since tickets are guaranteed to the assigned employee who completes their assigned task, tickets for safety violations reported during the inspection are not available on a daily basis.

Incentive elimination.
Less than 100 hrs for the Month
Not employed at the time of ticket distribution.
First aid -30 day elimination.
Near miss -30 day elimination.
Must work at least 100 hrs before next distribution.

Reportable or Loss time accident. 60 days.
Must be fully released to participate.
Must work at least 100 hrs before next distribution.

Points Card


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